Andrew T

Miniart Tempo E400 KASTENWAGEN

AFV Club Scimitar, 1/35th, set in the Balkans on UN support duties

Ships of the Desert

Ships of the Desert

In future, this will have a further figure. It’s the Meng RR, with MG Vickers ball mount scratch-built adaption and top MG installed.  Extra tools added, light and straps.  Free 3D printed crew figure.  Masterbox Arab added rein and stick. Not an easy fit.  Sand channel on the reverse side added from an IBG Otter kit.  Caunter camo scheme as per Mike Starmer’s plan and mixes.

Buckles on straps are made from one square off a nylon beer mesh filter, painted, and glued over two pieces of (painted masking tape) strap; they work well but are tiny, yet better than PE!  I’ve tried other mesh, like from net curtains, but the beer filter is tougher and better.  Camo net from my own painted medical gauze.   

Painted in Tamiya acrylics mostly, with hand-painted Vallejo for faces and details,  with Tamiya Pastels to blend in the creases and highlight, a subtle and effective quick fix.

I’ll re-dust the tyre treads; it easily comes off the vinyl tyres.

 The desert surface is simply old log/coal fire ash thrown on over sprayed-on rubber glue, shaken off, and then soaked with thin PVA. Simple!

ICM Model | Laffy Ex-French Tractor | Modified to German service

A fab kit, accurate and well-detailed.

I opened the bonnet and added a stowage box, rifle clips, top rail, brake cables and fine wiring details in the engine.

The French Resistance caught an escaping German Office in a borrowed car

VW Raptor

A mix of spare plastic parts, re-purposed kit pieces, some very old Minitank transfers, Tamiya Velociraptors, a grass mat, real vegetation, and Woodland Scenics bushes. Fujimi driver. Lidl fruit net sprayed khaki. Old spray booth filter for the exhaust effects. 3D plaque. Suspended on 2 clear sprues. This diorama was 3-months’ work at least. Challenging but fun! Pure escapism.


Airfix 1/24  | James Bond 007 Autogyro ‘Little Nellie.’

I also added extra detail to the engine. The machine guns fire with LEDs. And also included is sound. The machine guns are synchronised to a machine gun sound effect. Also, the James Bond theme plays. The effects are all controlled with remote control.

Italeri | Land Rover Fire Truck 1970s | 1/24 Scale


LED lights for indicators, spotlight, headlamps and warning lights.

Remote control to switch all lights on and off independently.

Power supply built into the base.

‘On Target’

Tamiya | M1A2 Abrams Tank | 1/48 Scale

This desert diorama of an Abrams Tank depicts the tank in action. The muzzle flash was created with LED lights with a USB power source integrated into the base.

Tamiya | Honda RA272 | 1/20 Scale

Modifications:  Tamiya detail cable for ignition wires. Fishing line for fuel cables painted with Tamiya clear yellow to simulate petrol. Lace pins to simulate tyre valves and throttle linkage cable made from 0.3mm wire wrapped in brown fishing line.

Revell Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Razor Crest Model Kit 1:72 Scale

With this model, I wanted to practice several effects, including using metallic paints, different weathering techniques, and if I could light the model. The lights are from the Lego lighting kits that have interchangeable parts to enable you to create any lighting you need. I then used Plasticard on the supporting stand to hide the power cable that runs into the base. A hole was then cut in the picture frame I used to house the electrics for the USB power supply.

Evolution Miniatures | Tank Commander | 1/35 Scale

With this figure I wanted to use it in a small diorama to practice my figure painting skills but also try out several techniques for creating rust effects. I used paint rust effects on the barrel and two types of chemical rust effects on the jerry cans. The base is a commercially available plaster base that I added various scenery components including leaf litter and grass.


Andy L



Iain M

“Ardennes 1944”

1/35th scale diorama.

Schwimwagen & Jagdpanzer IV from Tamiya kits.

Dodge Ambulance from an Italeri kit.

Figures by Miniart, Andrea & Darius.

John N

Phil T


The Airfix 1/72 Airborne Willy’s Jeep.

The kit comes with Jeep, trailer, howitzer, drop cradle and various bits for display options.

Although a beginner kit, it has a lot of parts, so it’s pretty good value for the money.

Some of the parts are a bit fiddly, but they went together well after a bit of filing. A good learning experience for me.

The base is MDF, with Polyfilla for the ground, gravel from my driveway hammered down for some scaled stones, and some scattered grass.

Wheel tracks are just made by rolling a spare wheel in the wet Polyfilla. The sign is scratch-built.

The whole thing is both brush and airbrush painted. The figures are spares from the stash as there aren’t any in the kit (shame that), and Anthony made me a brass plaque to finish it off.

Cotre “Kurun.” 1/60th Scale Heller kit.

Stewart M






Horsehay Village Hall